Some Pointers If You Want to Make Money Out of Your Extra Diabetic Strip Tests


A person who has diabetes would constantly monitor his or her condition. To do this, a diabetic person has a kit for testing his or her blood sugar which comes in different varieties. Those kits that are not a favourite are usually left without using. Because of the relatively short shelf life of these test strips, the diabetic person usually has a growing collection of strip test boxes that are of no more use and has to be rid of. Often, these perfectly good boxes of diabetic test strips are just thrown into the thrash.


Diabetic strips at are expensive to buy and just be thrown away even not being used. It is a fact that thousands of low income or no financial assistance diabetic people cannot buy these test strips. You can help them by giving your extra test strips to organizations which help these poor diabetic people. And so if you have extra but unopened and unexpired test strips, you can sell these for cash instead of throwing it in the garbage.


You might wonder why most diabetics have extra boxes of test strips. This is because they have to keep boxes on hand in case the supply is out or running low, and thus have extras more than what they really need. Some diabetics receive boxes on regular basis and soon the extras add up due to oversupply, or they are not testing as often as they used to, or they change the brand of their test strips. Know more about diabetic test strips in


You might also ask if it is legal to sell the test strips and the answer is yes if you are the owner of these. Some boxes are marked mail order only or not for resale which means these cannot be sold through a retailer. So yes you who is the owner can still sell these test strips. When selling your test strips, bear in mind that not all brands are in demand, test strips given by medicare cannot be resold, and you cannot sell expired, damaged or test strips with broken seals.


There are dealers who buy diabetic test strips for a good cause like they give it to people who cannot afford to buy, or give it to charities. People who buy extra test strips would like to feel secure too when they buy these extras even if buying them at a generous price. Contact this professional strip buyer here!